Independent Thinking. Sound Decisions.

Sound judgment requires the exercise of rational thought. Emotions and herd mentality are the enemies of clear thinking and successful investing. At Winston Investment Management, we do not rely on outside research or analysis, and we question conventional wisdom. We arrive at our conclusions independently and objectively. While Wall Street and the media are preoccupied with short term news and results, we do not deviate from our strategy of identifying investment opportunities and waiting with patience to acquire them at prices that make sense.

About Our Company

A Registered Investment Advisor founded in 1994, Winston Investment Management, Inc. provides investment management services to individuals and institutions, including family offices, pension and profit sharing plans, 401K Plans, individual retirement portfolios, and other unique clients. Winston Investment Management provides common stock portfolio management, as well as portfolios that incorporate stocks, fixed income investments, and other asset classes. We conduct rigorous, independent research and pride ourselves in objective decision making, free of conflicts of interest or outside influence. Winston Investment Management is independently owned and operated, and we answer only to our clients. We work diligently to preserve our clients’ assets as if they were our own family’s assets. We measure our client relationships in quality and longevity, not in quantity. We value mutual respect and share a common investment philosophy with our clients.